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Online Instrumentation Design Engineering Course


Morikus EPC & IT Industrial Training Institute is one of the Best Online Instrumentation Design Engineering Institute

Instrumentation term is commonly used in engineering, which means measurement and control for industrial process systems. Various processes in the petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power industries need to be maintained at controlled levels to get the desired product. It is commonly done by controlling such process variables as pressure, temperature, and liquid level; using measurement devices (instrument) with typical control systems.

Instrumentation plays a significant role in both gathering information from the field and changing the field parameters An Instrumentation Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, installing, managing, and/or maintaining equipment that is used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery, and processes. Instrumentation engineers ensure that these systems and processes operate effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Offered Courses in Instrumentation Design Engineering

S.No. Course Related to Instrumentation Detail Design Downloads Duration
 1 Instrumentation Design Engineering (Full Time) 45 Days
 2 Instrumentation Design Engineering (Only Sunday) 3 Months
 3 Instrumentation Design Engineering (Fastrack Batch) 8 Days
 4 Instrumentation Design Engineering (Correspondence) 1 Year

What You Will Learn

  • Overview of EPC Industry and Scope.
  • Role of Instrumentation Engineer in various types of Industry.
  • Knowing Client requirements and collection of specific data for projects.
  • Relevant Codes & Standards.
  • Basic Design requirement based on the type of plant e.g. Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical Industrial, power plant, etc.
  • Selection of Instruments for Controlling Flow, Temperature, Level and Pressure.
  • Vendor’s details and specification for all Instruments used to control Flow, Level, Temperature and Pressure
  • Installation and Maintenance Tips of all Instruments.
  • Instrument Index.
  • Instrument Location Plan Details.
  • Process Datasheets and Specifications.
  • Instrument Data Sheets.
  • Instrument Wiring Layout.
  • Logic Diagrams, Loop Wiring Diagram
  • Loop Drawing, Hook-Up Drawing
  • JB Layout, Cable Tray Layout
  • Cable Schedule

Training Features

  • Job Oriented Training Program based on current Industry Demand.
  • EPC Project Based Training.
  • Providing all Training Material and technical Drawing, documents, and case study materials.
  • Expert and Experienced Faculty from the Industry.
  • Preparation for Interview and Mock Interview Sessions.


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