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Online Piping Design Course


Piping Engineering is an application based on Mechanical Engineering principles, which deals with Design, Analysis, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, and Maintenance of the Piping System. Industrially, all piping activities are performed with the compliance and guidelines of International and Industrial Codes & Standards as well as the laws and regulations of the respective local authority. Detail engineering in piping projects consists of the engineering, design, detail, and layout of process and utility equipment, piping, and instrumentation.

Piping System is a network of Pipes by using Pipe Fittings and other special components to perform the required mode of transferring fluids (Liquids/ Gas/ Slurry) from one location to another location. It is an effective method for transferring fluids without considerable or about zero losses in properties and quality of fluid.

Pipes and their associate equipment are accounts for 25% of total investments in the Oil& Gas, Chemical, Power Plants, LPG/CNG Plant, Water Treatment Plants, Pharmaceutical, Distribution System, and Petrochemical plants.

Offered Courses in Online Piping Design Course

S.No. Course Related to Piping Detail Design Downloads Duration
 1 Piping Design Engineering (Full Time) 45 Days
 2 Piping Design Engineering (Only Sunday) 3 Months
 3 Piping Design Engineering (Fastrack Batch) 8 Days
 4 Piping Design Engineering (Correspondence) 1 Year

Note: All the above courses available in the online piping design Course

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Industry.
  • Role of a Piping Engineer in various fields of industry.
  • Overview of International codes and standards.
  • Fundamentals of Pipe, Pipe Fittings, and Piping System Components.
  • Overview of Pipe Hangers and Supports.
  • Pipe Hydraulics & Line Sizing.
  • Overview of Equipment Used in Process Plants.
  • Overview of Codes & Standards, Piping Materials & Specifications.
  • Basics of PFD, P&ID, and Plot plan development.
  • Development of Equipment & Piping layouts.
  • Guidelines for the preparation of as-built drawings.
  • Preparation of Isometric drawings and Bill of Materials.
  • Piping System Studies: Drum Piping, Pump Piping, Compressor Piping, Heat Exchanger Piping etc.

Training Features

  • Job Oriented Training Program based on current Industry Demand.
  • EPC Project Based Training.
  • Providing all Training Material and technical Drawing, documents, and case study materials.
  • Expert and Experienced Faculty from the Industry.
  • Preparation for Interview and Mock Interview Sessions.


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